Thais FK, the most beautiful introvert we have met so far!

Thais FK, the most beautiful introvert we have met so far!

We've met lovely Thais FK quite a while ago and the beautiful friendship is still ongoing! Traveller, blogger, food-lover. We secretly envy her husband, who is probably the first to try out all the tasty recipes Thais FK is sharing on her blog! We are more than happy to open the curtain and get to know this Italian girl who chose Finland for living a bit better..

So who is Thais FK behind the Due fili d'erba? Where are you coming from and where are you heading to?

I am half Italian and half Brazilian, born and raised in Northern Italy. So, yes, I'm an Alp girl! After graduating from school I decided to move to Finland, where I eventually met Klaus, the lovely man that became my husband.

What drew you towards the creative path of your life?

I think moving to Finland played a big role in this. Italy is undoubtedly the country of beauty, art, history and tradition, but life for me was so hectic back there, I didn't really appreciate it. For an introvert person like me, silence and time alone are essential to gather ideas and inspiration, to process. In quiet Finland I finally stopped and started thinking about my roots and rediscover them, but at the same time I learned about a new, totally different culture from mine.

Where do you find inspiration for your work? How do you rest when it all becomes too intense?

For me, inspiration comes from many sources. For recipe developing, it can come from the history of an ingredient to a landscape or a movie. For photography, seeing the right light activates me in a very powerful way.

Rediscover old, maybe forgotten traditions is as important as discover new ones, experiment and mix them a little. My roots are something very important for me. Talking about food, I love to stick to traditional recipes and share them with others, with all the stories and legends behind them.

I feel so grateful to live close to nature. My desk is in front of a window from which I can see only woods, so that already helps to keep the mind concentrated, but at the same time relaxed. When I work, I try not to be too bossy with myself. I take breaks, go out for a walk, call a friend. It is important to remember that efficiency in a creative job demands space for breathing and some joy.

How did you appear on IG? Was it intentional? Accidental? What’s your aspiration?

Pretty early. Since I had started blogging with my friend, I understood that the biggest part of the creative process was visual for me, so Instagram was the way to go as it is the best social media to let the photos speak and stand out.

How did you find out about Son de Flor? What was your first impression?

On Instagram I've met so many talented fellow aesthetes, that I firstly admired from far away, but later on I started getting to know them and even had the pleasure to work with. Son de Flor was one of them. Natural materials are part of a sustainable life and linen happens to be my favorite, so that's how I first bumped into your brand. I loved from the first moment how Son de Flor stays classy and timeless, exalting beauty and natural materials. It is the perfect combo.

Do you have a favorite flower? Season of the year? Song? Book? Thinker? Sentence? Weather? 

I love wisteria, we had two plants in our garden in Italy. The color and the smell of those flowers are amazing. I also love tulips, anemones and wild flowers.

The seasons here in Finland are so different from what I'm used to. In Italy Fall was no doubt my favorite season, but here I think that late Winter is the best time, when the sun is finally back, it is still very cold, the sea and lakes are frozen and the snow is still covering trees. There is so much magic in that part of the year here in Scandinavia..

I have many songs and genres I love, but recently I've rediscovered David Bowie's album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars..

And what concerns book - how to choose only one? I love to read and I believe I passed majority of my teenage years in reading. A masterpiece that will always have a special place in my heart is Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. The story and his way of writing make those two thousand pages fly. Oscar Wilde is probably my favorite writer. His writing is so brilliant, pointed and provocative. An important quote of his, that keeps on inspiring me, is from the preface of The Picture of  Dorian Gray: The artist is the creator of beautiful things..

What surprises are you hiding, dear Thais FK?

Well, I mentioned one in question number 2: I'm really an introvert. People think I would be a typical Italian, lively and open and loud, but I am the opposite. Socializing takes for me a big effort. Another silent surprise - I'm quite a nerd. I've been a Trekkie (Star Trek fan, if you're not familiar with the term) since I was a little girl, I love sci-fi books and movies and I enjoy to study astrophysics and programming. I've always believed that one doesn't necessarily have to choose whether to be creative or mathematical, the two things can co-exist without problem.. How can you not look at a galaxy or a nebula and not be inspired?

Is there anyone in the world who's shoes you'd like to walk in for a day? Why?

More than being in someone else's shoes, I'd love to tag along and follow closely the day of some people that inspire me, like Linda Lomelino or Nora & Laura from Our Food Stories. If I could go back in time, I'd love to go back to the 50s and be a street photographer, shooting with a Rolleiflex to catch unaware people on crowded streets, Vivian Maier's style.

What little act of kindness would you most appreciate done to you today?

Well, I am really grateful when people have the courage to tell what they think and be sincere, and still be tactful. It's an amazing skill, it requires a lot of balancing and love. Actually this is a huge act of kindness.

Please share a life lesson you've learnt and one that you're still learning.

I guess one of the most important life lesson I've learnt and still constantly trying to apply is balancing my life in a way that allows me to have enough energy for the most important things, like family and friends, and to have enough interior peace so to stay positive and strong whatever life may bring about.

Share anything else we haven’t asked, but you’d love to share!!

Thank you for having me here! I'm always humbled by the appreciation others show for my work and it is a privilege to be part of this worldwide creative community!

Thank you dear Thais FK for opening door to our readers and letting us know you a bit better. We know you've prepared a lovely chocolate surprise for your readers on Due fili d'erba blog - this is exactly where we are heading now and inviting all of our readers to go along!

The Incredible Month of May

The Incredible Month of May

A month worth a fairytale title - so many beautiful Instagram accounts featured our dresses in so many inspiring scenes. Every time we find ourselves tagged in yet another social feed, our hearts start singing a little louder.. We hope it will be a never ending story! 

Mary Poppins, alive and kicking and wearing our classic peter pan collar dress in bluebell. Always curious and creative Dominique from Allthatisshe.

Beautiful ginger hair mermaid, the princess of the bluebell forest in our classic A line bluebell skirt. Always elegant Rebecca from Aclotheshorse.

Light as wind, deep as the Earth - Christine, the beautiful mind behind the poetic thefarmers_ in our lilac classic peter pan collar dress.

Peaceful citizens of the Moonrise Kingdom - the incredible crew from the Lamblovesfox.

Most beautiful of all the flowers, the two joyous sisters from Poppyloveyou in our classic peter pan collar dress in sky-blue and lavender.

So close so far away, artistic Renata from Thegelfis in our white magnolia peter pan collar dress.

The sweetest duo ever from Valerielovesheiko in our peter pan collar dress in flamingo pink.

And finally, the magic of Beth Philippidis and her little gang in our natural and white linen classic dresses.

We hope it will be a never ending story! 

When you were young and scared of nothing..

When you were young and scared of nothing..


When you were young and scared of nothing, 
You were enchanted by the moon,
And a field of glowing stars that clung,
To the ceiling of your room,
You drew lines to link their beauty,
Made constellations of your own, 
An explorer of the universe, 
With your warm bed for a throne, 
And you remember one cold evening,
When those stars had lost their light, 
How you grabbed your favorite sweater,
And padded out into the night,
And the sight that lay above you,
Made your tiny heart start reeling,
As a sea of glinting starlight danced, 
On the worlds now darkened ceiling,
But though the stars strung high above you,
Claimed you were part of it all,
You couldn’t stop their large expanse, 
From making you feel small,
For despite all of the lines you drew, 
The constellations stayed the same, 
And every star you made your own,
Already had a name, 
But listen young explorer, 
For a star’s light can be slow,
And the ones you see above you,
Were made long time ago,
And though the world won’t see it,
The moment that you saw that sky,
A brand you star was born.

~e.h (Erin Hanson, The Poetic Underground)
Peter pan collar dress, bluebell