The Launch!

The Launch!

Half a year of careful planning, huge efforts, inspiring commitments, patience, stubbornness, creativity, beautiful loyalty, a marathon of so many extra miles of  Son de Flor team and all the supporting friends and family!! And finally, we are here, in a renewed, refilled, rebuilt home!

The new chapter of Son de Flor story, hopefully with a lot of opportunities and beautiful challenges, begins!

Take a look, wander around, leave feed-back, spot and let us know mistakes, encourage, rate us, share with your friends! Every single thing - from the very beginning to the very now, from the form to the content - everything created with our own hands, thoughts and filled with our feelings. The way we want this life to be. The way it is. The Son de Flor way. Beautiful. Bright & Kind. 


HUGE Thank You to all and every single one who helped us and guided us to this very point! Forever grateful! 

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