Velvet greetings with rose frosting

Velvet greetings with rose frosting

At some point in our journey we were lucky enough to meet Thais Francisco-Kauppinen, a beautiful Italian living her dream in Finland. Our friendship started in Paris, travelled all the way to Portugal and back to Finland with quite a few wonderful recipes created on the way. Even though our home linens made just a small part of this gastronomical journey, I still remember my anxiety mixed with delight while waiting for the next miracle on the table.

Even though St. Valentines day was never a big yearly focus neither personally nor company wise, following all the recent negative news and troubles of the world, the more and more we believe any occasion carrying love and beauty in its' endeavor is worth celebrating.

Thus together with Thais and her resourceful Due Fili D'erba blog we want to send you all our velvet greeting with rose frosting. Maybe today or tomorrow or any other day of year 2017 or many more to come, you'll decide to caress your beloved ones with this velvet beet red and cacao joy!

Enjoy the recipe here, we will not be able to write it better than the cook! And our home linens are all exposed right here. May the year be full of love!


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